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Our Care Is In The Details

Our house has ample space for security, comfort, and support to carry out children’s activities. In addition to the bedrooms, we have a nursery, playroom, library, arts room, swimming pool, and family room.


Education that transforms

We believe in the power of change that education provides. To ensure the right to education, it is necessary to go beyond enrolling in school. Work must be done to ensure the permanency and full learning of each student. In the educational process, we value and take into account the individual experiences and knowledge of each of our children. All of our girls are enrolled in schools near Vila Betânia. Every day, we monitor the development of each one of them, and when they are evaluated, they receive individualized assistance through psychology and education along with tutoring from volunteer teachers. We dream of a bright future for them, with a fitting profession, so that they can be champions of their own lives. After all, as Paulo Freire would say: “To educate is to give meaning to everything we do at every moment.”

Health to grow and flourish

We at Vila Betânia have an integral vision of health, which seeks to promote the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social wellbeing of our girls. We work with a multi-faceted team composed of social psychologists, social workers, and educational director; we also have partnerships with volunteers in the areas of ​​nutrition and oral health. Psychological support is essential for them to become emotionally strong and recover their self-esteem. We want to see our girls and babies growing healthily so they have a joyful life full of freedom!

Want to visit Vila Betânia?

You can come as a group or even alone if you prefer, just contact us using the form below and we will look at the dates available in order to receive you in the best way possible! We will be happy to have you visit our home to get a closer look at what we have built.