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One hundred percent of our work is currently carried out with the help of offers and sponsorships.

With the goal of clarity in the accountability of our finances, we will use this space to present our budget and spending. We want to thank each one of you who has built this project with us!

How are the resources used?

Counseling and Social Services

Children and teenagers that come to Vila Betânia require extensive counseling, therapy, and social services to help in the healing of their trauma and in their transition to foster care. When you support the work of Vila Betânia, you are helping to keep quality professionals, such as counselors and social workers, ready to guide these children on the road to restoration.

Shelter and Security

Many of the children we house have not had a functional family, nor a safe and stable environment. This is why your help is so important: to provide them with a safe place where they can rest, be healed of their traumas, and feel at home.

Basic Needs

When our children and teenagers come to us, they do not have many belongings besides their clothes. Therefore, all the resources we receive help us provide items such as quality food, clean clothes, bedding, hygiene products, school supplies, and more.


To ensure a better future, it is necessary for the children and teens in our care to receive education and professional training. It is through your help that we can offer a basic education and vocational training for them, guiding them to success in life outside and after their time with us at Vila Betânia.